Biological systems involved in disease are inherently complex and targeting a single receptor/ligand interaction or an individual pathway employing monotherapy often does not mediate maximal therapeutic benefit. Cancer immunotherapy results have shown that a combination of two separate antibodies can produce improved clinical outcomes as compared to monotherapy. There is a pressing medical need to develop technology that enables interdiction of multiple pathways by efficiently producing a single drug product that contains more that one therapeutic antibody.
Sound Biologics is building a new technology platform to produce the next generation of therapeutic antibodies that are capable of targeting multiple molecules and pathways. Our proprietary MabPair™ platform enables the development of custom-designed antibody combinations that bring the synergy of a two full-antibody combination and reduce the opportunity for tumor escape and drug resistance. The MabPair™ platform also offers the advantages regarding convenience of administration and reduced cost when compared to conventional antibody combination therapies.

Scanning electron micrograph of T cells attacking a tumor cell.

Discovery engine

  • Target validation and assay development
  • lead discovery and screening
  • In vivo models

Antibody platform

  • Lead discovery and optimization by yeast display
  • MabPair™ and Ab cocktail
  • Enhanced antibodies on PK, bioavailability and effector functions

Process development

  • Host cells and vectors
  • Stable cell line development
  • Upstream process
  • Downstream process
  • Analytical and CMC team