The MabPair™ Platform

We’re building a new technology platform to produce the next generation of therapeutic antibodies that are capable of targeting multiple molecules and pathways.

MabPair™ enables the development of custom-designed antibody combinations that bring the synergy of combined actions of two antibodies and reduce the chance of tumor escape and drug resistance. It also offers the advantages regarding convenience of administration and reduced cost when compared to conventional antibody combination therapies.

  • Faster development of the next-gen of therapeutic antibodies
  • Targets multiple molecules and pathways
  • Develop custom-designed antibody combinations
  • Reduce the chance of tumor escape and drug resistance

The Bispecific Platform

Our proprietary bispecific technology platform enables the formation of stable heterodimeric bispecific antibodies that can be expressed and purified using standard antibody production methodology. This bispecific platform is used to generate novel therapeutic antibody candidates.